Q&A With Corey Wichlin of Churchkey

Back in February, Chicago’s Churchkey released one of the most promising debuts in recent memory, The Great American Challenge. Though the EP is only four songs, the band cover a lot of ground, embracing the loud, Fest-ready hooks of Timeshares and the meandering autumn sounds of American Football. Fresh off a weekend tour of the Midwest, we sat down with singer/guitarist Corey Wichlin at Dimo’s Pizza to talk about Drake tattoos, putting on house shows and why Arby’s is so gross.

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Die Angry’s Pick of the Litter, 4/12

With our Pick of The Litter feature, we’re sifting through our submissions, personal libraries, and your recommendations to pick out releases that might have otherwise flown under the radar. This week, enjoy the cathartic melodic hardcore of Arthur, Crying’s sunny chiptune vibes, and Karoshi Boy’s bummed out, 90′s pop-punk jams. Continue reading


Review: Two Knights – ‘Shut Up’

Two Knights’ EP A Lot of Bad Things Happened, But We’re Still Here was a crash course on how to write manic and quirky emo that rightfully earned the band comparisons to both seminal albums and modern classics alike. After a few short months, the Denton, TX two-piece have perfected the lo-fi math-rock aesthetic of their early releases with their first proper album, Shut Up. Continue reading


Washed Up Emo Unearth Video of Jimmy Eat World 1999 Warped Tour Set

Washed Up Emo has uncovered a video of Jimmy Eat World playing Warped Tour in Dallas back in 1999. The video features great performances from the band’s Clarity-era and turns the late 90′s vibes up to ten with VCR fuzz and a cut off King of the Hill episode at its intro. Hit continue reading to watch the video and go to Washed Up Emo for interviews with your favorite mid-90′s emo bands. Continue reading